Update: the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has changed the water condition status to flood watch.

MNRF suggests the “potential for flooding exists within specific watercourses and municipalities”. MNRF suggests that everyone check conditions regularly and “exercise caution while near water”. As well it is suggested that parents advise their children to stay away from the water and supervise them outside. People with a history of flooding are encouraged to check their sump pump is working and make sure valuables are secured.


The chance of flooding continues in Haliburton County with rain and snow expected.

Despite the snow going on today, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have extended the flood outlook warning through the week.

The Bancroft district office had issued a warning early last week. With the rain and snow, combined with warm temperatures forecasted, MNRF decided Friday afternoon to extend the flood outlook through this week.

MNRF officials say that water levels in lakes on the Gull and Burnt River are below average for this time of year but they expect as the snow melts for water to rise quickly. Although water levels are lower than average, the flow of both watersheds is above average because of the rain-on-snow events.

According to the MNRF, because of the freezing conditions, at times, the amount of water that can get absorbed into the ground is limited. Which means that nuisance flooding can happen on roads, ditches, and low-lying areas. Another concern is potential for what the MNRF calls a “minor ice jam”, which could flood rivers.

The current forecast has a high probability of rain today, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.