CRA wrote off $133m in back taxes for one tax payer

A Canadian taxpayer got a $133 million break from the CRA, but the agency won’t say who it was.

The CBC got its hands on a memo from last fall that showed the entire amount of owed back taxes was written off. It’s not clear if the writeoff went to a company or an individual.

Sri Lanka stepping up military’s wartime powers

The president of Sri Lanka is giving the nation’s military sweeping wartime powers following a series of deadly bombings there. Churches and hotels were the targets, with 290 killed and 500 hurt.

The powers will allow officials to detain and interrogate suspects without a court order and enforce an 8:00pm curfew.

US stepping up pressure on Iran

The United States is putting an end to exemptions from sanctions for five countries that import Iranian oil.

Those countries are China, Japan, South Korea, India and Turkey. The move is another part of the Trump administration’s tough stance on Iran and is an attempt to damage the nation’s economy.