Some Haliburton County Residents are looking for answers from the Minister of Labour.

Earlier today, the Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Laurie Scott was in Haliburton to speak at the Breakfast Series put on by the chamber of commerce. Also at McKeck’s downtown was a group of advocates hoping to raise their concerns with their Queen’s Park representative.

Unfortunately for the protesters hoping to speak with the minister, she entered the building from the back entrance.

Bonnie Roe, and her sign on healthcare

Bonnie Roe, one of the people out demonstrating, explained the reason she and her fellow advocates were there simply to raise their voices and try to ensure that Scott heard the concerns of her constituents.

Although the 16 people demonstrating were there for a collective goal, each person had their own concerns. Some of the demonstrators were concern about cuts made to education, some upset about cuts to the health care system, and others were advocating for climate action.

During the breakfast, the minister was met with a question bout if her administration is going to monitor the graduation rate at the high school once the increased class size goes into effect, paired with the fact that 20 plus teachers are losing their jobs across the district. Scott responded by saying she would be monitoring the successes of students in her riding.

Some of the people demonstrating outside shared their disappointment about not getting to talk to Scott on social media


Environment Haliburton was one of the groups hoping to chat with the MPP