Dysart et al is getting closer to having bylaws to regulate the use of fireworks.

Though it is still going through some revisions, the building and bylaw departments are getting close to a finished product for fireworks bylaw. Kristen Boylan, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer, and Karl Korpela the Chief Building Offical met with Dysart council to go over the latest draft of the bylaw.

Generally speaking, the councillors supported the bylaw in its current edition, but Councillor John Smith asked that they add what the municipality defines as the weekend. Smith felt that it was important to do that since the bylaw is going to restrict the use of fireworks to specific weekends and some people believe the weekend starts Fridays and others think it starts Saturday.

Another addition that Smith pushed for was the inclusion of Asian style lanterns, which he felt were cause for concern because they float away and if they don’t burn up will land wherever they land. Deputy Mayor, Pat Kennedy, asked that Boylan create some kind of notice highlighting the important points of the bylaw that could be given to anyone that sells fireworks.

Boylan explained that well they were preparing the bylaw up to this point, they had looked at what other municipalities had done in the past, what different fees and fines might be, and what regulations were already in place.

According to Boylan, it would be a waste of resources for Dysart to regulate the sale of fireworks because that is done federally. Boylan’s suggestion was that it focuses on when, where, and how much they can be used.

Another draft of the bylaw is expected to be tabled in May.