It’s all hands on deck in Minden for the next while.

Minden Hills Mayor, Brent Devolin, held a press conference at 3:00pm declaring a state of emergency for the township. Devolin explained that the water levels of the Gull River have gone up 35 centimetres up to this morning.

Devolin explained that the rain yesterday, thawing snow and the rain forecasted still to come, the water levels are getting to the levels they reached in 2017. Devolin says the emergency was declared so that all of the emergency preparedness and planning they have done can take effect.

According to Devolin, who was also the mayor during the 2017 flooding, they have used that event as a baseline and understand the impact flood waters would have on the residents. As well, he says the declaration was a way for them to be pro-active and get things in place to protect the taxpayers who are likely going to see flooding on their properties over the next 48 hours.

Devolin explained that the EOC has convened and they do daily conference calls, to decide each day what needs to happen.

In terms of road closures and information of that sort, will keep you up to date