Pork prices set to rise

A disease in China is expected to spike the price of pork all around the world.

The country is experiencing an outbreak of African swine fever which is killing thousands of pigs. Experts say China now has to import more pork products from other countries which will create more demand here in Canada.

Feds taking Facebook to task over privacy violations

Canada’s Federal Privacy Commissioner is looking to take Facebook to court for breaking a number of privacy laws.

This comes after an investigation the commissioner says shows the company allowed things like unauthorized access, and had no proper oversight when it comes to apps and privacy. Facebook is disputing the investigation.

Government banning industry from marine-protected regions

The federal government is bringing the quality of Canada’s marine conservation areas into line with international standards.

The oil and gas industry as well as mining, waste dumping and bottom trawling will no longer be allowed in all of the country’s marine protected areas.