Don’t let the sun fool you, the risk of flooding is still a concern in Minden.

Minden Hills Mayor Brent Devolin took to the radio this morning to urge residents to use today as a time to prepare for the forecasted rain.

Devolin spoke with to say that although it is a nice day today, flooding is still a concern for the next several days. He explained that there had been logging operations being done at the Horseshoe Lake Dam as a way to give homeowners extra time to prepare themselves and their properties.

According to the mayor, the logging at the dam is only for today so he encourages everyone that has experienced flooding in the past to make use of the sand and sandbags at the Roads Department Sand dome at 4564 County Road 121, or the Furnace Falls Park on County Road 503. Residents are asked to bring their own shovel as the sand is self-serve.

For questions or concerns regarding the water levels, please contact the Recovery/Event Coordinator at 705-286-1260 ext. 211 or after hours at 1-866-856-3247. For Municipal Emergency contact after hours call: 1-866-865-3247. For Emergency Services call: 911.