The brewing company is hoping that Minden will make a change so they can get a food truck.

Terri Matthews-Carl, from Boshkung Brewing Company, met with Minden Hills council today, asking them to consider changes to a bylaw. Matthews-Carl explained that the company is hoping to get a food truck or trailer of some kind for their staff to cook in.

She said that the setup they have left them with no room for a kitchen so they had a tent set up outside and that became an issue during weather events. According to Matthews-Carl, staff were forced to run inside during hail storms and generally speaking, the weather wreaks havoc on the staff outside.

The reason for Boshkung asking for the bylaw amendment to do that is because the current one has a stipulation that in order for them to do that, they need to ask the permission of any other food service business within 1000 feet of them. Matthews-Carl, trying to emphasize the problem, pointed out that means they would have to ask almost all of the downtown Minden businesses. She says “we don’t want to have to rely on the other food service providers telling us what we can and can’t do”.

Minden Hills Mayor Brent Devolin, after listening to the presentation, explained that specific bylaw was 17 years old and confessed that he did not know the thought process behind it.

Although the town heard what Matthews-Carl had to say, the next step is for staff to bring a report back on that bylaw, and go from there.