A lake association is pushing for the town to take up some land for a boat launch.

Laurent Joncas and Dave Roberts from the Bob Lake Association were at the Minden Hills council meeting today, to take another crack at pitching the creation of a boat launch.

The pair explained that the ideal piece of land to put the launch is owned by another person, but as Joncas put it, it is the most ideal spot on the lake. According to the pair, the owner of the land, in conversation with them last year, raised concerns over the traffic that would be going through the area, as well as the lack of privacy with a public access launch right there.

Joncas and Roberts, trying to further their cause, felt that the traffic concerns raised by the current owner can be addressed by adding signage to deter drivers.

The ask of council was that the township considers getting the land from the person, or at least talk to them to see if they were interested and then build the launch with one of the funding options they brought forward. The options are: use municipal tax dollars to buy the land and build the launch, use the Shoreline Road Allowance Reserve Account, a special tax levy, or a cost-sharing model.

According to the Bob Lake Association’s calculations for the project, if it moves forward, would cost an estimated $150,000 with a $24,000 contingency.

Although the council agreed to look into this matter further, Councillor Jean Neville pointed out that there is not much point to pursuing it any further if the landowner has no interest in selling.