Dysart is looking to take on two roads projects by reworking its applications to provincial and federal funding.

Back in March, Dysart et al gave council approval to Rob Camelon, the Director of Public Works, to go ahead and apply to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to make repairs to Highway 118. As of today, the council has reversed that decision so the municipality can apply for ICIP funding for another project.

The change to the application comes from Ontario announcing the Connecting Links Program was open after all. With the provincial program open, Camelon felt that the work on the highway was more likely to get approved by that program and that it would be more cost effective for the municipality. In the initial discussion in March, Camelon explained that his department felt the scope of the work could include resurfacing as well as replacing sidewalks, curbs and gutters. The work could also touch on improving accessibility and CCTV inspections of the storm and wastewater assets on the road.

With Highway 118 potentially being addressed by that funding stream, Camelon suggested to council that they still apply for the ICIP to get help funding repairs to Dignan Road in Haliburton. Camelon suggested that road because there is a culvert that has failed there and they had already planned to replace it with twin culverts and resurface the road.

Camelon got council’s approval to apply to both the ICIP and Connecting Links. If approved, the ICIP means that Dysart would still have to front 17 per cent of the cost, with the province eating 33 per cent and the feds taking on half.