Although flooding in the area is still a concern, residents are being encouraged to make use of a registry.

Minden Hills Mayor, Brent Devolin, spoke with following the regular EOC conference call and he says people already dealing with flooded properties might be eligible to get some financial help from the government.

Devolin urged that “individuals whose property has been damaged and have suffered losses or expenses to do with it…” connect with the township and register their property because since the emergency was declared property owners can apply to the Ontario Recovery Assistance Program.

Devolin says that before that, the town needs to get a registry of their name, their location and an overview of the damage. Devolin explains “the nitty-gritty and the dollars and those kinds of things can happen later.” The multi-term mayor emphasized that anyone that has experienced damage or loss should register ASAP.

According to Devolin, if a property has yet to get any damage or loss that you cannot preemptively register.

“Whether it’s over, or it’s peaked I think is irrelevant, but if you know that already, obviously, it would be great to do that so you don’t miss some eligibility for assistance,” says Devolin