The flood warning for the area has been extended to the end of the week.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry announced the flood warning for the Bancroft district is extended until at least Friday.

According to MNRF officials, the extension of the warning comes from the fact that the forecast is calling for rain. As well, the temperatures over the next week are forecasted to be warm which means the rain and snowpack are likely to make water levels rise.

MNRF encourages everyone to exercise caution while outdoors and avoid crossing any road or walkway that is under water. The ministry describes the current conditions by saying “Although the soil is no longer frozen, rainfall and snowmelt over the past week have reduced the ground’s ability to absorb additional runoff and snowmelt. The potential exists for nuisance flooding of roadways, ditches, and low-lying flood-prone areas as the melt progresses. There may be potential for minor ice jam-related flooding on some rivers. A close watch on local forecasts and conditions is recommended.”

According to the MNRF, the Burnt and Gull Rivers are both still high but are on the decline. will update as new information becomes available.