Two, maybe three municipalities are implementing an app for their landfills.

Algonquin Highlands Public Works Operations Manager, Adam Thorn, got approval to start the process of implementing an app geared to improve efficiency at the landfills.

Thorn met with council yesterday and explained that with the budget passed, his department had been in touch with the other municipalities about all using Waste Wizard in their respective communities. Thorn said that off the other three, Dysart passed on the idea of implementing the app this budget year, Minden Hills had yet to decide and Highlands East confirmed it is “still on board with the project”.

According to the report Thorn provided for the meeting, the cost of the app goes up if only two, maybe three of the lower-tier governments take part in the initiative. He says the annual cost of the app is roughly $3,000 depending on which company is chosen and which options are used in the app. If all four municipalities agreed to share the cost it would be $750 per, whereas with three it would be $1,00, and two partners means a cost of $1,500 each.

The app itself is not a physical app explains Thorn, he said it is an app that would run through the municipal websites. When it is up and running, Waste Wizard allows users to track the status of landfills, offer insight and guidance on what is recyclable and what isn’t. According to Thorn, the app is ‘wonderful’ and tracks the information that people are searching for the most which means each municipality can gear future information to what people are looking for.

Thorn told the councillors that he was pushing to have the app up and running in Algonquin Highlands by the Canada Day long weekend.