Although water levels are still high, the urgency is over in Minden Hills.

Mayor of Minden Hills, Brent Devolin confirmed with the State of Emergency has been “terminated”. Devolin says that even though the emergency status is done with, the township is still ways off from complete normality.

Devolin explained the township is not going to start recovery options until water levels go down significantly. According to the mayor, the reason for that decision is because water levels are still high and the long term forecast is calling for rain later in the week. As well, Devolin says the levels could stay high for a long time.

According to Devolin, the Gull River has been at the 271.1 to 271.3 metres range for two days now, and with levels, that high and rainy weather, the concern for issues could stay for many weeks to come. He explained that it might even be into June before things start to return to normal.

Anyone that wants to know what the termination of emergency status means, can read the media release sent out by Minden Hills. That can be found by clicking here.

Mayor Devolin explained that anyone in the affected area can use the sandbags as long as they need, saying that they are UV protected. He says that it is a good option to choose to keep them.

Devolin said that as of tomorrow, red cross clean-up kits will be available at the municipal office at 7 Milne Street.

Although closed roads may no longer have water on them, Devolin said the town is going to keep them closed for the next while. That decision stems from the fact the ground underneath is so saturated that they can’t take in any more water and would flood easily.

The mayor shared his appreciation for the volunteer efforts of the community and praised the county’s ability to come together in a time of need.