Although the state of emergency is done, the clean up is not starting just yet.

Minden residents and taxpayers are being asked to be patient while the town holds off on starting recovery operations. Mayor Brent Devolin told the state of emergency had ended. But he said the town is waiting to see how water levels are doing over the next while before starting the collection of sandbags and the opening of roads.

Devolin pointed out in a phone call that the forecast is calling for rain on Thursday, which paired with the still precariously high waters could mean flooding returns. The long-time Mayor also pointed out that the Red Cross has made clean-up kits available to the public. They can be picked up at the municipal office on 7 Milne Street in Minden.

According to the town, the Trent Severn Waterway continues to “manage water flows” and residents who have been susceptible to flooding in the past should monitor water levels and the weather regularly.

In terms of re-opening roads, Devolin said the town is not doing that just yet either. He explained that although the water on the surface may be receding, the ground is incredibly saturated which means they could flood with relative ease.

According to Devolin, this time around, the town bought sandbags that are UV protected so they will last being left in the sun.