A Minden resident would like the town to do something about runoff affecting her property.

May Stevenson lives at the bottom of Scotch Line Hill and she is wondering what to do about the fact that every rainfall she gets sand, mud, and water that runs across her driveway, lawn and over her back step.

Stevenson met with the Minden Hills Committee of the Whole earlier today asking them what they are going to do to mitigate some of this runoff. She explained that she has complained in the past and got a promise from Mayor Brent Devolin and Roads Superintendent Travis Wilson that work would be done by July 1st of last year, then another promise of by July 15th.

According to Stevenson, the township eventually dug holes which she says “does not help me and the holes they dug and placed with rocks for drainage are now covered with sand and the rest in my front yard and driveway.” She explained during her presentation to the committee that in the cooler seasons, the water that runs across her back step create ice regularly.

Stevenson pointed out that the other side of the road was ditched “very nicely” but that has since been blocked by a driveway. She went on to say that ditch fills up and runs across her driveway also. The impassioned resident asked to be included in the council’s agenda because “the gravel is destroying my yard more and more every day.”

In her email asking to be added to the agenda, Stevenson said ” I need an answer what they will do and promise that it will be fixed or do I need to have my lawyer look into this. I know people in town have a greater problem than I do and l am very sorry for them but if the mayor and road supervisor promise something a year ago l would like an answer.”

After her impassioned plea committee elected to ask for a staff report to come back before advising her what could be done.