Go ahead and use the Rail Trail, it’s open.

Haliburton County announced yesterday that the county’s section of trail, which extends from Haliburton to just north of Kinmount, is open for anyone with permits. The trail opened yesterday evening after an almost two-week delay.

County officials had announced on May 30th the trail was going to remain closed until further notice after the realization that there were sections of the trail that were still wet and potentially dangerous sections.

Now, with the trail open, ATV users can make use of it from 10:00am to dusk. That is if they have a permit from the Haliburton and Kawartha ATV Associations. ATVs can use the trail until November 30th.

The trail has undergone a number of improvements over the years, including work that was done in 2016 when the Howland Junction Bridge was improvements as part of the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.