Haliburton’s MPP is all for continuing a legal battle with the federal government on the Carbon Tax.

Laurie Scott, the longtime MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock gave her thoughts on the news that in Saskatchewan, courts ruled that the Federal Carbon Tax is, in fact, constitutional.

Provinces across the country are pushing back against the feds after the Carbon Tax was introduced and in many cases taking them to court to stop the tax. Scott said that Ontario is continuing that fight despite the ruling to the west. She said, “that is one case in Saskatchewan, we are continuing to help them in their appeal in that case.”

The Minister of Labour went on to say  “we are also, as the province of Ontario, are taking the federal government to court.” She explained that multiple provinces are still pushing back against the tax.

Scott pointed out that the federal election is coming up in October, and the tax would be a point of conversation through the campaign. The Queen’s Park representative also pointed out that Ontario has what she called ” a made in Ontario environmental plan” which she believes will hit the 2025 deadline set out during the Paris Accord. Scott said that the Ontario plan is 22 per cent of the way to that their goal.

The provincial politician said,  “there is no need to add a carbon tax on everyday Ontarians, make life more unaffordable, especially those people that are struggling, when we do have an environmental plan that’s meeting the targets.”

Scott went on to say “the federal government, in this situation, is just trying to tax us and it’s going to hurt especially those in rural Ontario who have no choice but to drive their cars, have no choice but to heat our homes with oil or propane. I mean that is where we live and what’s available to us, so we are never going to be treated fairly, we’re just going to be penalized by the federal government putting the Carbon Tax on everyday Ontarians”.

Scott closed out her conversation with MyHaliburtonNow.com by restating that Ontario already has a plan in place.