A summer camp for city kids is coming to Haliburton County.

St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club met with Minden Council last week to go over its plans to convert an old unused camp to one that they’re going to operate.

The club wrote to the council saying that back in September they had bought what was once the Toronto Y.P.U. Camp and they are in the process of renovating the site.

According to Don Stewart, the St Alban’s Board President, the goal of the camp will be to bring children and youth from Toronto and the GTA to the area and offer them programming and life skills. Some of the programming the club is hoping to offer is swimming, kayaking, and other water activities, as well as hiking, mountain biking and things like that.

Although they have already purchased the land and have started work on the site, including renovations to the dining hall. St Albans was at the council to ask simply to help them understand the processes and permits required to get all the necessary work done.

In a letter to council, St Albans said ” we have re-gravelled the main road in, had a new roof put on the existing main building, the dining hall, and removed other existing structures which
were in disrepair after more than 15 years of being vacant and neglected. We are prepared and looking forward to making investments in the property to re-establish it as a vibrant nature-based
camp for children and youth.”

Councillor Pam Sayne asked if the St. Albans people would consider offering programming to locals as well as the kids that come up from the GTA, an idea that they accepted and will look into.