Haliburton’s MPP is pushing for housing in the riding.

In a press release sent out yesterday afternoon, MPP Laurie Scott unveiled Ontario’s plan for housing More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan.

According to Scott’s office, the plan encourages the province’s housing and building partners to build more and meet the needs of rural communities.

Scott said “Constituents from across the riding have expressed their concerns about finding affordable housing in their communities,” adding “By making it easier to build housing, our plan will help create more affordable housing options for local families and seniors.”

Within the press release, the current government suggests that the previous government had created a system that was “impossible for big builders to navigate, much less individual homeowners.”

The goal of this plan is to “streamline the overly complicated approvals process to remove unnecessary duplication and red tape, while protecting health and safety, a vibrant agricultural sector and the environment – including the Greenbelt.”