The Algonquin Highlands council isn’t about ready to make exceptions, especially for a different community.

A seemingly random request got turned down by the councillors of Algonquin Highlands this week. Mayor Carol Moffatt and her fellow councillors deliberated on a letter they received from the Baysville Riverfront Group & Baysville Curling Club.

Within the letter, the group asked if the township would support their annual Surf and Turf dinner by way of donations. An idea that the councillors talked about at length.

Within the conversation about the request, Councillor Lisa Barry noted the generic nature of the letter, pointing out that it was addressed to “Sir/Madame” and not to the township, the mayor, or Algonquin Highlands’ council. Another point to come from the discussion was from Councillor Jennifer Dailloux, who suggested that if the town were to make an exception and donate to an event like this, it should be an event within the municipality.

After a conversation, the councillors felt that the best course was to not give a donation of any kind. Despite the lack of donation, the councillors did share their support for the event and hope it is successful regardless.