It’s looking like there is a need for more information for the Dorset Complex.

Algonquin Highlands Fire Chief Mike Cavanaugh gave an update on what is happening to the complex in Dorset that houses a fire hall and old public works garage.

Cavanaugh explained to the councillors that the first phase of Cambium’s Environmental Assesment suggested that there is the possibility of concern and that Cambium recommended that the town go ahead with the second phase, which would cost $14,300.

According to Cambium in conversation with Cavanaugh, the site used to have underground storage tanks that held fuel in them. Cavanaugh said the underground tanks were removed during the construction of the Dorset Rec Centre. Cambium was recommending going ahead with the second phase because their assessments were purely based on what they could see. In the Phase One assessment, Cambium detailed that there were no records of any spills or damages to do with the underground tanks.

Cavanaugh echoed that statement to the Algonquin Highlands councillors saying that he could not find any documentation to suggest that there was an issue, but the only way to know for sure is to have the assessment done. His ask of council was what to do as the $14,300 was unbudgeted.

Deputy Mayor Liz Danielson pointed out that if Cavanaugh is unable to find any documentation to do with the tanks, they almost have to go ahead with the second phase.

At the direction of council, Cavanaugh was instructed to continue looking for any paperwork and perhaps even use local knowledge and historical pictures and documents to see if there was any concern with the tanks. The other instruction was to postpone going ahead with the second phase until they are able to budget for it.