The O.P.P. wants people to lock up their belongings, or risk it getting taken.

Following the Victoria Day long weekend, the Haliburton Highlands O.P.P. are sharing the results of the Lock it or Lose it campaign officers did over the weekend.

According to Constable Amanda Gilbert, auxiliary officers were in various public places checking to see if people were parking their car and leaving it unlocked and no valuables were left in plain sight.

Over the weekend, officers checked 200 vehicles and found that 75 per cent of them were “non-compliant with suggested safety precautions. Any car they found unlocked was given a notice saying the driver had neglected to take simple precautions to protect their car.

The O.P.P. say you can prevent theft by always rolling up the window, locking the car and putting the keys in your pocket. If you have a garage, the police suggest locking the car door and the door to the garage as added protection. Whenever possible, O.P.P. says you should be parking in a well-lit area and never leave valuables in plain view. The final suggestion is to never leave the car running and unattended.

It is always a good idea to take steps to protect your belongings.