Minden Hills is giving people the chance to understand the Community Improvement Plan.

The township announced today that it is a hosting a public meeting to go over the CIP with residents and taxpayers. The meeting is happening Thursday, June 13th at 9:00am in the municipal chambers.

According to the town, the point of the public meeting is to give the community at large a chance to “understand and comment on the proposed Plan which relates to certain lands located within the Settlement Area of Minden.”

Like other public meetings, people can attend to voice their support or opposition to the plan. As well they can give a written submission if they can’t attend in person. Though it should be noted that anyone that does not attend and oppose the idea verbally or in a written form cannot appeal the decision of the town at a later date.

The public meeting is the next step towards creating this plan. Stephanie Bergman of Stantec was at Minden Council earlier this month to give a very high-level overview of what a CIP does and what it could do for the township. Later in the month, Minden announced a surveyed asking the public to give their insight on what they felt should be included in the survey.

A link to the draft CIP can be found by clicking here.