The school board is encouraging stakeholders to raise their voice towards the province.

Staff with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board took to social media today, advocating for parents and stakeholders to give their feedback to the Ministry of Education about the plans for class sizes.

The Ontario government had announced after taking office the education system was undergoing some reform, including mandatory online learning and the return to an older version of the sex-ed curriculum as a placeholder until a new one could be drafted. Another reform to the education system is the increase in average class sizes across the province, and it’s because of that change the school board wants people to give their feedback.

The board had this to say ” we want to work with the Ministry of Education to find effective solutions as the government addresses fiscal concerns. Our commitment is to high levels of students achievement. We embrace learning as a core principle providing support for our students that will ensure their academic success and well-being. With this in mind, we are currently working through our budgeting process to minimize impact on students while incorporating recent funding reductions.”

To make sure that everyone interested in giving feedback has all the facts, the Ontario government has made a “class size consultation guide” available for everyone to review. That guide can be found by clicking here.

Whoever wants to provide feedback to the Ministry of Education is asked to given their submission to the following email by May 31st,