People are getting the chance to socialize and meet with the team running Point in Time.

Marg Cox, the Executive Director of Point in Time, spoke with explaining what to expect from their upcoming Annual General Meeting.

According to Cox, the meeting is scheduled for June the 11th, and the venue is the new youth wellness site on Dysart Avenue in Haliburton Village. Cox says that Point in Time is going to be serving appetizers, as well as socializing and networking with everyone in attendance.

In terms of the actual meeting portion of the event, Cox says “annual general meetings are often a little dry,” she goes to explain that they are when organizations will elect legislative officers, reviewing the audited financial statements and things of that nature.

Cox says that they as an organization are not expecting any undue excitement when asked if there were any announcements to come from the meeting. But she explains that Point in Time is proud of their role in the youth wellness hub. Cox explains that although all of the construction may not be done by then, they collectively are excited to show off the hub to those in attendance.

Speaking more about the wellness hub, which serves the youth of Haliburton County, she says she’s grateful the Point in Time board stepped up and took on the risk of buying the building in the first place.

Back onto the AGM, Cox says that they can only fit a finite amount of people in the building, so she asks that anyone interested in attending register with them. To register, people can get in touch with Dawn Milburn at Point in Time. Her email is