HALIBURTON, ON- A road running through Dysart and Highlands East is causing some confusion.

Mike Krisko lives on Universal Road, and he met with Dysart council to talk about the maintenance of the road.

Krisko says that he and his family bought land on Universal Road to build a family home which is fine other than struggles the Kriskos have to get across the road in the winter.

According to Krisko, who makes a living as a contractor, his home is the only residence on the Dysart portion of the road. He says he had to go get sand and spread it on the road this winter just so his wife and he could get on and off their land. He says that when he bought the land, he was advised that the road was maintained by the municipality.

Dysart Director of Public Works, Rob Camelon, says that although Dysart and Highlands East have an agreement for the road, Dysart staff only do grading in the summer and Highlands East does all the winter work.

After letting Krisko give his thoughts on the road and the quality of maintenance, Mayor Andrea Roberts suggested that this is more of a Highlands East issue and suggested that he take the concerns to them. Krisko simply thanked the council for hearing him out.