HALIBURTON, ON- A local organization is suggesting some signs to sort out parking concerns.

In a written letter to Dysart et al council, the Haliburton BIA offered up the suggestion of installing signs around the downtown core directing traffic to municipal lots.

The BIA says that parking is “ a very sensitive issue for some of our member businesses and it is our mandate to review the information that they bring to our attention and advocate for improvement on their behalf.”

The signs that the BIA is suggesting are the “universally recognized” green P signs indicating parking, “It is our belief that more easily recognized signs to free parking will point visitors, planning full day trips to the Downtown area, to these areas, and free up street spots for come and go customers. A win-win for everyone.” says the BIA

Events and Recreation Committee Chair Larry Clarke pointed out that there is a perpetual concern over people parking on private lots rather than the several municipal lots.

After some discussion, the Director of Public Works was directed to look into what it would cost and if it is feasible to get the signs.