HALIBURTON, ON- A local group is trying to help the bat population.

Dysart et al council heard and approved a pitch from the First Haliburton Pathfinders to install a bat box in Head Lake Park.

In an email sent to Andrew Wilbee, the Parks and Recreation Manager, the group was hoping to install the box as a way to help the bat population thrive because “bats are a natural source of pest control”.

The Haliburton iteration of the group suggested the location of the box would be well suited near the Canada 150 garden.

For the group to install the box, they are going to need to put a 20-foot long pole into the ground. The pole is only two inches in diameter.

In their email, the group noted the box itself would be minimal maintenance, an idea that councillor John Smith commented on during the council meeting.

Smith supported the idea of installing the box on the caveat that they are aware that taking care of it would not fall on municipal staff.

The box is expected to be installed before they disband for the summer.