EAGLE LAKE, ON- One local tourist destination is trying to mitigate concerns around pot use on the premises.

It came out this week that Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is allowing the use and consumption of cannabis on site.

John Massey, the Director of Business Development from Sir Sam’s spoke with MyHaliburtonNow.com about the news and he says the resort really wants to be cautious with how this news is perceived.

Massey said “Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa has always strived to provide the highest level of customer service and offer unique experiences for our Guests to enjoy. By law consuming cannabis is legal now regardless of where visitors choose to stay, not much different than enjoying wine or craft beer.

Hotels and resorts will have to review the legislation and choose what is right for them. We recognized that some Guests will want to enjoy cannabis under the new regulations and have chosen to manage it by acknowledging it can be consumed while here, with specific guidelines to not impact other Guests.”

According to the Ontario Resturant, Hotel and Motel Association, those guidelines say that smoking or vaping is only allowed by registered guests in rooms that allow smoking or the conditions of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act are met.

Massey said “we did this to proactively manage the message, ensuring all of our Guests enjoy the resort and our service equally… and we look forward to welcoming all our Guests for this summer.”

Massey explained that Sir Sams understands that others may not agree with the decision or the use of cannabis as a whole but says the resort is hopeful that people will understand that this decision was intended to be proactive and stop issues even before they arrive.

According to Massey, Sir Sam’s is intending to work towards common ground and manage the new legislation.