HALIBURTON, ON- Cottagers and residents looking to use fireworks will need to get approval to do so.

As of last week, the Municipality of Dysart et al is regulating the use of fireworks.

After months of work, Dysart Bylaw Enforcement Officer Kristen Boylan drafted a bylaw to do with the use of fireworks. At the most recent council meeting, that draft was passed.

Within Dysart’s borders, fireworks are now only allowed on New Year’s Eve, and the Canada Day, Victoria Day and civic holiday weekends.

Anyone that is hosting an event and wants to set off the colourful explosives now needs to connect with the municipality and will need to fill out an approval form and submit it with the appropriate supporting documents outlined in the Display Fireworks Manual by Natural Resources (NRCan).

A fillable copy of the approval form can be found on the sidebar under Public Display Fireworks Event Approval Form. The application package must be submitted to the Fire Chief or designate no later than (14) business days prior to the event.

Asian style lanterns have also been banned from use in Dysart.

The bylaw and more information can be found on Dysart’s website