HALIBURTON, ON – An organization dedicated to helping the victims of abuse is sharing some things to remember while helping those in need.

According to the YWCA’s Peterborough Haliburton branch, eight in 10 women will confide in a family member or friend when they are dealing with abuse from their intimate partner.

Because of that statistic, YWCA wants to make sure that people remember five key things while trying to talk to the victim of abuse.

The first thing is to let them know that you are concerned for their safety. Next is to offer up specific support, whether that be setting up a time to talk, offering to help with childcare or driving them to appointments and the like.

Third on the list of suggestions to let them know about the services available to them, like the YWCA’s 24 hour hotline.

Regardless of whether or not they chose to stay in that relationship, YWCA says it is important to stay supportive saying that on average it takes about four attempts to leave an abusive relationship.

The last thing to remember is to let the person know that you are there for them, and stay connected to them.