HIGHLANDS EAST, ON – Seasonal residents are being encouraged to help the area they return to regularly.

The Municipality of Highlands East announced yesterday that it is offering a ‘Waste Management Cottage Kit’.

The goal of the kit is to educate the seasonal residents how to deal with their waste properly, including where and how to do it.

According to municipal staff, the kit includes a number of items like a one-time landfill pass, a clear bag for household garbage, and a large paper grocery bags for fibres.

The kit also has education tools like a welcome letter that explains the waste management system in Highlands East and the rules that all residents and cottagers need to adhere to.

Another item in the kit is a recycling guide that details the hours of operation, a map showing all of the landfill sites, disposal fees, the dates of the household hazardous waste days and an MNRF Bear-Wise fact sheet.

The municipality says that anyone looking to get one of these kits can get them at the Municipal Office in Wilberforce, 2249 Loop Road, the Information Centre at 2786 Essonville Line, Wilberforce, or contact info@highlandseast.ca or 705-448-2981.