DYSART ET AL, ON – Dysart’s bylaw officer wants the municipality to look at ways to stop people from skipping out on paying for parking.

Kristen Boylan, the Bylaw Officer, presented her monthly report to the council and she says that a solution is needed for the medical centre parking lot.

According to Boylan, witnesses have seen drivers mounting the curb and driving over the grass to exit the parking lot rather than pay the two dollars to get the arm to lift up at the entrance.

Boylan raised the point to council, saying that there needs to be some kind of conversation at the council table. She says that aside from the money aspect of it, the cars and other vehicles that drive over the grass are damaging it each time.

Deputy Mayor Pat Kennedy suggested that perhaps a part of the solution should be education for the general community. What he means is the idea of informing people what that money actually goes to and how it benefits the medical centre.

The discussion is expected to come back to the council table in the future.