HALIBURTON, ON – It looks as though a Haliburton Highlands Health Team could be a part of the province reshaping healthcare.

The Haliburton Highlands Health Services announced today the proposed Haliburton-centric health team has been classified as ‘in-development’.

According to HHHS, this means that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care feels the health team is ‘close to being ready to submit a full application and have demonstrated a high degree of readiness.”

HHHS says the ministry took in 157 self-assessments from various entities trying to create health teams, and of those 31 of them were asked to complete a full application, and 43, including the Haliburton team, were given the in-development classification.

A press release sent out by the group of agencies partnering to create the highlands health team says the 43 health teams will get “active and targeted’ support from the province to be ready for a full application within the year.

“HHHS is delighted with the positive feedback and is excited to move to the next step of making a seamless health care experience in the Highlands a reality,” said Carolyn Plummer, President and CEO at HHHS. “We are excited to continue building on the success of the strong partnerships that already exist, and to identify new opportunities to proactively improve health outcomes for our patients and overall wellness for our community.”

The call to create health teams was sent out after the provincial government announced that it was reworking the healthcare systems to form a super agency called Ontario Health and further to that, Ontario was looking to create Ontario Health Teams.