ORILLIA, ON – It looks like hundreds of drivers didn’t get the ‘Move Over’ memo.

A week removed from the long weekend, and more specifically the O.P.P.’s Slow Down and Move Over Campaign, the police have released the number of drivers charged during the campaign.

According to O.P.P. headquarters, across the province officers nailed 355 drivers for violating the move over law.

Heading into the long weekend, the O.P.P. warned drivers of the upcoming campaign geared to that law. The law states that any driver that is approaching an emergency vehicle pulled to the side with their lights flashing needs to slow down and move over.

The O.P.P. reports that in the past five years there have been nearly 700 incidents of officers being struck while conducting a roadside stop.

Outside of this campaign, the O.P.P. laid 8,377 charges over the long weekend.