HALIBURTON COUNTY, ON – Calling all tourists, the county wants to hear about your stay.

The Haliburton County tourism department took to Twitter asking tourists to fill out a survey about their most recent stay.

The survey, which can be found by clicking here, touches on a number of aspects connected to tourism in the area.

Some of the questions range from your approximate age, to where you are from, and how you heard about the Haliburton Highlands.

Another big question right on the first page of the survey is why you came to the Haliburton Highlands.

All told there are only 15 questions and the survey itself can be filled out in a matter of minutes.

The survey is the same one the county had started four years ago.

Amanda Virtanen, the Director of Tourism, says the survey is promoted every couple of weeks or months and the results of the survey are shared with county council every six months.