HALIBURTON, ON – The Concerned Citizens of Haliburton County(CCHC) are spreading the word about voting and its importance.

One of the members of CCHC, Bonnie Roe, spoke with the MyHaliburtonNow.com newsroom about the group’s origins, what they advocate for and their project to do a series of educational articles and radio segments.

Roe explains the group wanted to create something that was non-partisan which delves into various aspects of voting and democracy as a whole.

She goes on to say that CCHC is doing eight to 10 articles. The first touched on why vote in the federal election, that article was already published.

The other topics CCHC is hoping to cover a range of topics from how to become an informed voter, what’s bad about a minority government, the benefit of taxes, and engaging young voters.

Roe says they are hopeful that they last two or three in this campaign of information are to do with election issues.

Further to that point, Roe says that CCHC does not want to project what those issues could be. According to her, Elections Canada has said that mentioning climate action is a partisan issue which she feels is “totally ludicrous”.

The CCHC is going to continue spreading the word about the importance of voting through various media outlets.