HALIBURTON COUNTY, ON – A video highlighting key locations to be “mindful” has three different spots in the county.

The Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO), which spans from as far north as Huntsville, and goes as far east as Arnprior, has released a video designed to lead people to spots where they can “have a mindful moment”.

The 48-second video makes showcases five different locations across the Ontario highlands. Three of those spots are in Haliburton County.

Those spots are the Dorset Tower in Algonquin Highlands, the Sculpture Forest in Haliburton next to the School of Art and Design, and Eagle Lake.

According to OHTO, the Dorset Tower is 132 metres above ground and “provides a different perspective on everyday life.” The tower was built in 1967 and is supposed to pay homage to the original tower that was used to watch for forest fires.

The Sculpture Forest has 30 different sculptures intermingled with trails through the forest. OHTO included this spot because each season, the forest gives visitors the chance to experience man-made and natural beauty.

The last county location is Eagle Lake, where people can experience mindful moments on the water or by going to Sir Samms, a ski resort, spa, and inn.

To check out the video itself, go over to the Haliburton Highlands Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here.