Canada offering support to help fight fires in Amazon rainforest

Canada is offering $15-million and water bombers to help fight fires destroying large parts of the Amazon rainforest.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the contribution as the G-7 summit wrapped up in Biarritz, France. Canada’s contribution will be on top of the $20-million that the G-7 is offering Amazon countries to help fight the blazes.

People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier upset at billboards being removed

It’s not clear just who makes up the “totalitarian leftist mob” that People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier claims is behind the decision to take down some controversial billboards.

The billboards featuring Bernier’s face and a slogan advocating against mass immigration were paid for by the True North Strong & Free Advertising Corporation. Bernier says his political opponents and the “leftist mob” want to stifle discussion of immigration and keep him out of the election debates.

Environment Minister says “no secret agenda” to increase carbon tax

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says her government has “no secret agenda” to pump up the price of the federal carbon levy, or avoid talking about future costs until after this fall’s federal election.

The 2016 framework on climate change includes a commitment to review carbon pricing policy by early 2022 when the price will be $50 per tonne. McKenna said in June that the price will not rise beyond that.

New study looking at effects marijuana in concentrated form can have on teens and adolescents

A study in the journal Pediatrics is showing the effects that marijuana in concentrated form can have on teens and adolescents.

Cannabis concentrate is the highly concentrated marijuana extract used for vaping and many types of edibles. Doctors are concerned not just because of the psychological effects on kids’ brains, but because there are so many questions about long-term vaping.