Province takes carbon battle to Supreme Court

The Ford government is taking its fight against the carbon tax to the country’s highest court.  The province has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada after the province’s top court said the federal price on carbon is constitutional.  Ontario’s Environment Minister said yesterday the province is committed to using every tool available to fight the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.

Former reservist hasn’t been since Saturday

A Manitoba army reservist accused of having ties to a Neo-Nazi group is missing.  Patrik Mathews hasn’t been seen since Saturday.  Mathews has been relieved of his duties with the military after 8 years of service as a combat engineer with training in the use of explosives.

Federal money pledged to fight sexual violence on campus

The federal Liberals are committing one and a half million dollars to help post-secondary schools tackle sexual violence on campus.  The money is on top of over 5-million earmarked for the same issue in the 2018 budget. The new funding will be spent over two years.

Floridians prepare for Hurricane Dorian

After a brush with Puerto Rico that left behind little damage Hurricane Dorian has set its sights on Florida. Forecasters say the storm is gaining strength and is expected to hit the Bahamas Saturday and Florida’s east coast by Sunday as a Category 3 hurricane.

Outbreak of measles in Europe doubled since 2018

The World Health Organization says anti-vaxers are fuelling an outbreak of measles in Europe.  There have been 90-thousand cases in the first half of this year. The WHO has withdrawn eradication status from four countries, meaning they no longer are counted as countries that have eliminated measles.  Those countries are the UK, Greece, Albania and the Czech Republic.