HALIBURTON, ON – A pair of letters is asking Dysart council to do something about the noise from Ribfest.

In the wake of the second annual Ribfest in Halliburton’s Head Lake Park, some concerned citizens are making their feelings known to the municipal council.

Included in the agenda for the Dysart et al regular council meeting earlier this week was not just one, but two different letters encouraging the municipality to address the amount of noise that comes from the event, should it return next year.

The one letter, sent by a pair of individuals says they live close by and the volume of the event was not ideal.

“We enjoy the Tuesday evening Music in the Park and the volume is pleasing,” reads part of one letter.

“Why can’t the Rib Fest be the same?”

They go on to say they are hopeful that Dysart council will address this and “find a solution.”

Another letter came from an individual who said they were hoping action would be taken. This person says that after the 2018 Ribfest, they had chosen to go ask the municipality, just before this year’s event, if there was anything that could be done to limit the noise coming from the event.

According to the letter, the person was told that they would have to file an official complaint in writing. That is the reason for the letter.

The letter goes on to say that during the soundcheck, the volume was better than the previous year, but around the dinner hour, the volume became noticeably louder until roughly 10:15 pm.

“Unable to sleep, I sat up until everything shut down” says the letter’s author who goes on to say that because of the event they and other residents of their building were forced to close their windows and doors with the only air-conditioning being in the hall between units.

“We realize that this event brings people and much-needed money into our community, but the noise doesn’t need to be so offensive.”

Dysart council acknowledged the receipt of these letters and Mayor Andrea Roberts says they will remember these letters for next year if the municipality hosts the event again.