HALIBURTON, ON – After decades of service providing water in Haliburton the spring water source at West Bay has come to an end.

The Haliburton Lake Cottager’s Association has released a list of water sources.  People seeking potable water sources have a few options, including a new source as of this year at the Rail’s End Gallery building in Haliburton Village. There is a tap that can accommodate both small and larger capacity bottles at no charge. While the water flow is slow, it is apparently not as slow as the West Bay spring flow was.

There is a water refill station located at Haliburton’s AJ LaRue Arena.

In Minden, there is a public drinking water tap at the back of the brown building that is attached to the Minden Hills Fire Department building on the southwest corner of Prince Street and St. Germaine Street.

The good news is it is extremely high pressure allowing for quick fill-ups, but it is a metered tap meaning you have to pay to access the supply. The cost is 25 cents per litre.