BRACEBRIDGE, ON – A home has been deemed unlivable by the town as parts of the property are sinking into the Muskoka River.

According to the Bracebridge director of planning and development, Cheryl Kelley, the town can’t do much for the house on Beaumont Farm Road.

“This is a structural matter, so now it falls under the building code,” Kelley said. “We have placed an order on the building not to occupy it and to remedy an unsafe building.”

Kelley said town officials have been to the site and met with the owner and his insurance company. She added there is a plan in place to fix the situation.

The director said shoreline stabilization will begin soon for the property.

“Once they finish with that and figure out what happened, there will be reports filed,” Kelley said “They will suggest what remedies will have to be made. Once they come up with a plan we will have to determine if it is fixed safely.”

Kelley said the town doesn’t know why the shoreline eroded now as opposed to earlier in the year. She said the owner is fully cooperating and understands the town’s position.

The director believed the owner was able to get most of their belongings out of the home before it was deemed unlivable.

Kelley added that the house is considered a seasonal residence so the family has a place to stay.