HALIBURTON, ON – An organization is getting some help to continue its goal of protecting land for future generations.

The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) said it had a successful application for funding from TD Friends of the Environment. The HHLT said it recieved the full $7,000 it asked for.

In a release, the organization said the money will fund the Land Trust Discovery Days programming, help support land stewardship on Land Trust properties, and fund special projects next year.

The HHLT added that TD Friends of the environment has provided funding for many years. Some of the money was used to open the Barnum Creek Nature Reserve.

The group said the Land Trust Discovery Days events will be a full go thanks to the grant.

A series of eight events will be held through 2020 designed to engage and educate people of all ages. Programs will focus on learning about specific species, land and species conservation and providing people with an understanding of the importance of land conservation.