COTTAGE COUNTRY, ON – Hunting season is gearing up and the police want to make sure sportsmen and women are putting safety first.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) issued a statement this week with reminders for anyone planning to go hunting.

Officers said those heading out into the wilderness should make sure someone knows where they will be and when they plan on returning. Police add to always wear orange and make sure to handle firearms with care. According to the OPP, hunters should never shoot unless they’re sure of their target along with what lies beyond it.

Officers added to always carry a survival kit and never consume alcohol while hunting.

The OPP understands many sportsmen and women use ATVs and other offroad vehicles (OVR). Officers said those people have even more responsibility to be safe and responsible

Alcohol consumption, lack of experience, high speed, not wearing a helmet and general carelessness are major factors in injuries or deaths related to off-roading, according to police.

Officer said anyone under the influence can be charged with impaired driving while operating an ATV or other OVRs.