HALIBURTON, ON-Thousands of residents in Haliburton County will be without lights this Sunday.

On November 24th, more than 11,000 customers will be losing power between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. This is because Hydro One following through on their scheduled outage so that they can work and upgrade the grid and while in the area, the workers will also perform maintenance at various distribution stations.

Residents within Monmouth, Glamorgan, Dudley, Dysart et at, Stanhope, Minden, Guliford, Harburn and Havelock are going to be effected by the power outage.

More than 100 Hydro One workers will be replacing the old wooden poles and installing four smart switches. These switches are able to reduce the frequency and duration of power outages in the areas they cover.

In an interview with the MyHaliburtonNow.com newsroom, Company SpokespersonAlicia Sayers said that even though people in the area will be without power for a few hours, it will have a long term benefit so that power outages will occur less frequently and not as long, “this installation will be really good to make sure power will be restored to the people in a timely manner,” said Sayers.

Earlier this year Hydro One declared that they would be taking extra care with the Haliburton area and this installation is part of their plan to improve service.