COTTAGE COUNTRY, ON-Paramedics are advising residents about emergency vehicles during the winter.

Kyle McFadyn, the Primary Care Paramedic and Community Relations Coordinator with Muskoka Paramedics says that drivers need to be aware when driving on the highway and to remember to pull over for emergency services.

“The number one problem we have during the winter is that people do not fully stop when we need to get to a location,” said McFayden.

He went on to say that highway 11 sees many accidents and that paramedics do their best to get to the site as quickly as possible but need the public’s help in order to do so. “When you see us coming with flashing lights and sirens, be sure to pull over to the right side and completely stop,” said McFayden.

McFayden continued by saying that if you see an accident on the side of the road and various types of emergency services are present, move over a lane and reduce speed. “Be sure to give emergency crews enough space to work with,” said McFayden.

He finished off by saying that as long as the public follows these rules, then emergency crews will be able to do their jobs.