COTTAGE COUNTRY, ON-Each hospital across cottage country is receiving about $1.1. million for critical upgrades.

On December 19th, MPP for Parry Sound – Muskoka Norm Miller announced that a total of 131 hospitals across the province are receiving this donation so they can improve their infrastructure. Miller said in an interview that he is very pleased that the government is able to support Ontario’s hospitals. “For me, I am happy that we are able to assist the hospitals here in cottage country,” said Miller.

When asked about what type of infrastructure the money will go towards, Miller said that the funds will go to whatever the hospital feels they need to improve. “They can buy new air conditioners, new tiles for roofing or anything else to keep the building in pristine condition,” said Miller.

Miller said that one of his main goals was to stop hallway health care and to start providing health services to patients in other ways. “I want to put a stop to the hospital overcapacity and provide services to residents be it at home or other methods,” said Miller.

According to Miller, hallway health care is a problem that needs to be addressed as patients are looked after in the hallways of hospitals after there are no more individual rooms for people to be treated in.

He referenced one hospital, in particular, the West Parry Sound Health Centre and how it and other hospitals will be receiving this annual donation from the government. “This is part of the government’s investment through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund to support 131 hospitals all over Ontario,” said Miller.

Miller continued by saying that “Ontario has a plan to build a connected and sustainable public health care system centered around the needs of patients, including investing $27 billion over 10 years in hospital infrastructure projects.”

CEO at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC), Natalie Bubela said that they were delighted that both MAHC sites were given funds this year and that it will assist them in making some necessary investments into the facility. “The Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund provides important funding that helps pay for repairs and upgrades to our ageing building,” said Bubela.