In the season of holiday parties and gatherings, the Health Unit is sending people a very important message to stay safe and be smart when it comes to alcohol.

Jennifer Valcamp is a health promoter and she’s reminding people to make sure you have a way to get home if you plan to drink. She also said hosting a party puts the responsibility on you to make sure your guests get home safely.

She says hosts can be sued and held liable if they give alcohol to guests who drink too much and end up hurting themselves or someone else on the way home. Valcamp suggests serving drinks instead of a self-serve bar to help limit drinking. Having snacks throughout the night will also help absorb alcohol and slow down it’s effects. She even suggests stop serving alcohol a couple of hours before the party ends. At the end of the night, make sure you know how your guests are getting home. Arrange a designated driver, a cab, or a place for them to stay.